Naperville Kitchen Remodeling

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remodeling services for your kitchen in the Naperville area

remodeling services for your kitchen in the Naperville area

Our Kitchen Remodeling Process – What To Expect

Whether you already own your residence or are looking to purchase a residence, you may be wanting to do some kitchen remodeling. There are a few things you should do first before any kitchen remodeling job.

The most obvious thing is you should know what your budget is or how much you are will to pay. Once you know the most you are wanting or able to spend, you will want to set that amount aside. If you do not have the money yet you will want to decide when the remodeling will start and build your cash up for the job.

The next step would be to decide what in your kitchen you will be remodeling. You will then look at home stores or online to see what it is you want for the job. This will help you to know if you have enough money to do the remodeling job.

We also do granite and marble countertops.

After getting a cash reserve and knowing what you want, the next step in kitchen remodeling is finding a contractor to do the job. A contractor is experienced at doing jobs from scratch and from knocking out the old to put in the new things. One of the contractors you could call would be Naperville Kitchen Pros in Naperville, Illinois. They are a phone call away to help you with your kitchen remodeling job.

Naperville Custom Cabinet Installation

Naperville Kitchen Pros provides start to finish design and remodeling services for your kitchen

Naperville Kitchen Pros provides start to finish design and remodeling services for your kitchen

Kitchen cabinets have evolved from their original role as utilitarian storage spaces. Since the kitchen has become such an important room in the household, it’s important kitchen cabinets to be pleasing to the eye as well as places for cookware and foodstuff. In an open plan home, it’s also important for the kitchen to complement the rest of the house. This allows the kitchen cabinets to come in a great variety of colors, patterns and textures. Here are some things to keep in mind during kitchen cabinet remodeling:

• Wall Cabinets
Wall cabinets can be made of wood, metal, MDF or melamine. They can be framed or frameless for a more modern look and are amendable to all kinds of hardware, from simple knobs to cup pulls. Some have glass panels to show off the beauty of the family’s dinner service or glassware. They can also be lit internally, or lights can be installed beneath them to light up the kitchen’s work space. Nowadays, these lights are often the cool, long-lasting LED type.

• Base Cabinets
Base cabinets, which are found on the floor, traditionally hold heavier items such as pots and pans. Like wall cabinets, they can be framed or frameless. Newer base cabinets found in awkward corners can be fitted with lazy susans, or slide out drawers that hold jars of spices or condiments. Others have pull-out shelves to increase the square footage of food preparation and work areas. The counters atop these cabinets can be made of natural stone like marble or granite, engineered stone, stainless steel or solid surface.

Kitchen Islands

You have been looking into remodeling your kitchen and are debating on an island. Ask yourself some questions. How big would you need it to be? Would you use it for preparing foods or for baking? Do you entertain a lot? Would you like to have an island for use as a dining table? Meet Naperville Kitchen Pros based in Naperville, Illinois. They began as a cabinet refinishing company in 1990 and have become a full service cabinetry company in Naperville and surrounding areas.

Size Matters
With family and friends gathering on major holidays that island will be the perfect food serving area. Install some outlets on the sides for warming foods. If you have large family gatherings this should be taken into consideration. If you only entertain once or twice a year for a small amount of people, then you wouldn’t need as large of an island.

Food Preparation
Do you bake? A kitchen island will be perfect. Picture yourself with the kids and everyone having enough room to spread out. Roll out that dough and cut out those cookies!

Dining at the Island
Think about this. It seems everyone ends up in the kitchen no matter if there is a table in another room. That island will see a lot of use as a dining area, especially with children.

If you live in Naperville or a surrounding area, give them a call and discuss your wants, needs, and desires. There’s a solution very close at hand.

Granite, Marble, and Custom Countertops For Your Kitchen

You may have lived in your house for a while now and decide that it is time for a change in your kitchen. There are things you can have done to make your kitchen look as though it had been changed drastically such as your countertops. You could choose to have custom countertops and you can have a maintenance plan to keep your kitchen looking nice all the time.

By having custom remodeling done in your kitchen, you can choose what you want your dream kitchen to look like. You do not need to look at samples and let the workers know what you have come up with. They may draw it out for you to make sure they have your image correct before they start working on it.

You can also have a maintenance plan. By having this plan, they will send people to do all the cleaning for you. Some kitchen remodeling projects need certain cleaning products to keep it looking nice so they recommend that their maintenance team handle it for you. You may have to sign a contract and see how much you enjoy it.

Whether you are having your kitchen countertops remodeled or having cabinets remodeled; it is important to stick with a good company that will take care of you and your kitchen. Having custom remodeling done and having a maintenance plan in place; your kitchen will look just like you pictured it and will be kept looking nice all the time.